The diffrent stages.

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The diffrent stages.

Post by Albin on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:30 pm

The First Stage
Is all about questing alone or in a group. Either way to do this your primary goal is to get to the level of fifteen. When you've arrived to the said level you can either farm some on the AH or level your proffesions. When you are five guildmates at level 15 you can go further to Stage two.

Stage Two
In this stage you're first of all about to meet your new team/group. You will be the amount of five players: one tank, one healer and three dpses. You're also about to choose your groupleader who will lead you throu the encounters and explain what you have to do to kill the boss ahead of you. The groupleader will also be functioning as an officer so choose carefully, it's democracy so you only have one vote each and you can't vote for yourself. When you are ready start using the random dungeonsystem to complete dungeons and earn levels. Stage Two will last between level fifteen and sixty.
(note: You will have to decide when you and your group will play together throu the calendarsystem.)

Stage Three
This stage can also be called the "raiding stage". At this stage everyone will turn off their experience gaining and start ensambling a raidgroup. While waiting for other levelers you can gear in dungeons, gain skills in your proffessions or anything else that will give you an advantage. When we got a full raidgroup we will start progressing in the classic raids as a guild. When all 60 content have been cleared and we are secure on the mechanics we'll move further to "Stage Four"

Stage Four
Now we are back on the dungeon/leveling stage again. Now you can forget about your old groups! Time to meet new friends! We will create groups of five, again. But now with diffrent players(as a guild we have to meet others so it doesnt start to become "groups" in the guild too. With a new group there will also be a revote of groupleaders(officers), so we can get some change. It's possible to become a groupleader again. When your group is ready to set off, start qeueing up in the random dungeonsystem again like we did back on "stage two". Stage four will last between 60-70.

Stage Five
You and Your group from "stage four" can now start to gear in the diffrent outlands heroic dungeons. gather gear until you are raid ready. When our raidgroup is once again raidready, we will start to make progress in the burning crusade raids. "stage five" last until we are in knowledge of the diffrent game mechanics on this stage and have cleared the content that is avaible. (note: Don't forget to shut down the exp gain.)

Stage Six
We are now back on the infamous leveling/dungeon stage. We will do as we did on "stage four" besides it's Wrath of the lich king content this time. No speciales here. This stage lasts from level 70-80.

Stage Seven
Now it's time for some raiding once more before we got to the 'cataclysm' content. Our goal here is to gear up and then start clearing the "wotlk" raidingcontent.

You get the drill.


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