In general about the project.

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In general about the project.

Post by Albin on Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:44 pm

First off I will introduce myself.
My name is Albin and I've been the guildleader and creator of a couple of guilds in diffrent aspects of gaming. First I had a leveling guild while I was leveling my former main, when I got to the max level (60, this was during vanilla) I was starting to get a feel raiding so I "redesigned" the guild I already had into a raiding guild. We cleared most of the current content(up to the patch before naxxramas). When BC came I decided to take a break, I was back in wow at the end of BC. So my primary goal was to ding my warrior to 70 and gear it before the release of Wotlk. When Wotlk arrived I was starting to get interested in pvp, so I created a full time pvp guild and we had a pair of teams topping the arena ladder in my battlegroup (blackout). At the time ICC had arrived I got once more interested in pve again. I gave the guild my best luck and became an officer in a newly formed guild, on our first two progression days we were taking down Lich King, we kept progressing in hard modes until the end of Wotlk and the start of cataclysm. One week after cataclysms release me, my friends and guildies decided to cancle our accounts, so I never got to try out the new raiding content.

But now to my "idea":
First of all this is just speculations, but it will come true if there are people that are interested.
My idea is simple: level 1-85 and on the road clearing all raiding and dungeon content.
But why should we level all over again and meanwhile clear all avaible content?
It's simple, practise gives skills. In dungeons and raids we will get training as healers, as tanks, as dpses. You will not only have cleared all the content when we are done you will also have more skills and knowledge about your class, so when you are standing in Stormwind or Orgrimmar you will be the one that is inspected over and over again instead of standing the inspecting "cool people" yourself.
So in short terms:
-level 1-85
-Clear all dungeons and raids on our way there.
-Gather knowledge.
-Get even more skills than you have today.
-Become one of the best raiding guilds.
-And the most important punctation, have fun.

Now you're probably wondering what the req. is. The only req. here is that you are nice against others and that you communicate on a level that is understandable.

If you are interested in joining, go to the "Applys" forum and write five facts about you.
"deadline" for interest apply 11/08/05[b]


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