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Post by Synical on Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:15 pm

Hiya, Saw this on MMO-Champion and thought it sounds quite good, so giving it a shot.
My names Dan and im 19 and english, ive been playing WoW since a few months after vanilla released in the EU.
I started off playing purely because my dad and my older brother were playing and i wanted to join in with them.
It quickly turned into something i really did enjoy, having during vanilla cleared the avaliable content upto naxx on my hunter. Vanilla was easily the best time i had in WoW, it took me ages to learn everything, but after doing everything i was considering a top member in my guild and enjoyed actually having to learn a boss for a week or so before killing it.
When tbc hit i took a long break before returning and quickly leveling up a paladin and raiding and clearing all content with him. At the start of wotlk i lost a lot of interest in my paladin and started poking my head into other classes to find some sort of interest in the game again, i quickly picked up the shaman as a healer and really enjoyed it, getting upto ulduar 25 as one before RL took its toll and i noticed how much i hadnt studied for school.
After finishing my exams, not failing (thank god) any of them. i came back to WoW and got into playing a druid. i went back to the same guild i was in with the shaman and we promptly cleared all wotlk content and were quite far through hardmodes in 25man icc (had just Sindragosa left to go before lkH 25)

Unfortunatly i never got to see the ruby sanctum as i having turned 18 a month or so before was offered a job working for a big name holiday camp in the UK. and have been here working ever since.
So far i have my druid and hunter at 85 but am yet to experience raids as my play time varies on my shifts in work, and thats where issues arise for me with guilds. but this project seems like a good one, and one that when work goes back to the quiet months (after sept) i can enjoy a lot more.

I would be mainly interested in leveling as a tank or healer again either paladin or shaman and faction is not a problem for me at all.

Thanks for your time


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Welcome aboard!

Post by Albin on Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:38 pm

Welcome Dan to our small community. It will be nice to talk english to someone that actually are from sweden. And similar to you, I also started playing because my older brother and dad. Smile

Ohh and it's totally cool with me if you want to tell your friends about us, for a faster expanding Smile


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