Application - Druid

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Application - Druid

Post by Slobina on Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:32 am

I've been playing wow forever, and raided all content except Firelands.
My guild hit burnout after we downed Nef and we all quit.
I love levelling, had every class at 80, have around 5 at 85 now, but they are all Alliance and I need something fresh to renew my love of the game.
I loved the old raids, Kara was just epic, and I really miss the fun of doing the dungeons at the correct lvl with quest greens.
This idea sounds perfect for me and I hope you will consider my application.
I have played druid tank (in tbc), druid healer (in Cata) and dps (Boomkin/SP) in raids, so not really certain which class would be best although Druid is my first love.
Edit: I now have lvl 15 moonkin ready to go (but will play any spec required) if my application is accepted Very Happy
I'm over 30 and English.

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Re: Application - Druid

Post by Albin on Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:15 pm

Of course you're accepted, welcome Slobina!
Talk to ashmander/corwex ingame and they will give you further information, also check out our forums!

-Albin, Guildleader of Progression.


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