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Sinq Apply

Post by frag971 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:08 am

Greetings! I have been looking for a project like this. Most important in this project is the fact that all players are way more connected than most other guilds. I always leveled alone but i wish i could just have a bunch of guildies to run dungeons with. Very Happy I would love to go through the old content again and relive all those times i had in all quests and dungeons

So my name is Alexander, im from Portugal and i speak 3 languages (i dare you to guess the third one!).

I play wow since patch 1.7 (i think), mostly a mage (10500 archi points) mixed with probably every single other class. So here is my thing: even tho i love playing mages i probably want to play something else to have a complete new experience.

I would love to be the guild's main tank, i tanked dungeons with all tanking classes.
Played resto druid in in late vanilla/TBC (cleared all content), still have him with 5/9 T3.
As dps i tried alot of classes but i always hate to not being able to heal or dps in dungeons or not able to switch roles in raids.

So taking all that into consideration i would go as paladin tank or (if no tank spots) could go healer or even retri if not enought DPS Suspect . I like all pala playstyles so rolling a new one wont be an issue. Nonetheless i can play any class comfortably. I have also been officer/class leader before so i am OK with being one.

I also got some screenshots in an album Smile


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Re: Sinq Apply

Post by Albin on Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:57 am

Welcome Alexander, I think your third langauge is german, french or spanish. You do have a nice raiding background and I hope you can feel comfortable in our guild.
Feel free to tell your friends, guild, forums and other communities about Smile

I hope to see you soon


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