Half an application

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Half an application

Post by Ashkuri on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:36 pm

Hi everyone!

This is half an apply. Why? Because I really like the idea of this project and I’m very tempted to join, but I’m not sure if I would really stick to it. Let me explain what I mean by this:

First of all I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 20-year-old from Austria so my native language is German. I speak and write English fluently, so that shouldn’t be a problem at all and I would change to the english client to get all terms right (although we still use many english terms instead of the german translations although my main server is German).
I started playing WoW in early 2009 and started raiding in the last weeks of totc, which I couldn’t clear bevor 3.3. In ICC I raided both 10 and 25 men (yeah was a bit over the top at that time) and managed to get 11/12 hc. Tried Halion later but never downed him (actually still didn’t get to do that). My main always was an undead rogue. In Cata until now my progression is 12/12 nhc and 4/13 hc in t11 content and 2/7 in Firelands, due to people missing raids. My actual guild is not very reliable speaking of raids, so I’m at the moment actively looking around for a new challenge in WoW.

And that’s were my first point hits. I think I couldn’t really change my main character. Nevertheless I would be punctual and reliable because those are very important things for me, and participate in guild life as much as possible, but my rogue would always come first – at least I say this now. If this could ever change then very slowly. I’d very likely stop raiding actively on my main, that is to say, but since I’m an achievement hunter and my rogue is at nearly 11k points there really is a lot of heartblood in this toon.

The second thing is that since I have a household to keep, a job at a bureau and study history at university, my online times vary during the year and sometimes even from week to week. I’m usually online in the evenings between 18:30 and 23:00 at least twice a week, but which days this would be I cannot say for sure right now and it’s very likely that they would change at least once every six months when the new semester starts.

So, what I want to say is that I really love the idea of this project. When I started playing WoW I immediately knew that I missed a lot in classic, bc and even in wotlk because I joined late. What I’d like to play is a healing class with a caster as offspec, but since I have a priest at 85 I’d prefer druid or my favourite: shaman (only healing class I haven’t played past level 25ish). I also have experience as a 25man raidleader from icc (ok that’s not really a reference since it was that easy …) and know most boss tactics from classic and bc (and all tactics for wotlk and cata bosses). Although I haven’t been raiding actively before icc I spent enough time in most instances when farming reputation and mounts … overall I’d be willing and I like to say also capable of leading a group.

Still I couln’t guarantee fixed playing times and would have more of a weekly or monthly discussion of when I could be online. So, if this isn’t too big a problem for you I’d be happy to apply – and even if you wouldn’t give me a spot in the upcoming groups I’d very much like to join the forums and guild and just participate on ‘friendship’ status.

Well and the last thing I should say is that I’m not talking as much on ts as I’m writing, although I’m not shy to use a micro at all. Wink I just really like posting on forums Very Happy

Yours sincerely,


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Re: Half an application

Post by Albin on Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:48 pm

Willkommen nach diesem guild, mein deutschen freund. About the time your able to play, I think we can solve in any way, maybe you can't come on every raid but we will try get u into atleast 1 or 2 we'll see than.
Any way welcome and feel free to tell your friends, guild, forums and other communitiesm about us !


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